By The Fireside Dark Beer Collection

By The Fireside Dark Beer Collection

Otter's Promise

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A beautiful lucious dark and soothing collection to be savored with all meals and especially by the fireside. Some items may vary based on availability.


Philter / Caribbean Stout

Exit / Milk Stout

Fall & Rise / Dorchae Irish Stout

3 Ravens / Black Oatmeal Stout

Ballistic / Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout

Hop Nation / Karma Oatmeal Stout

Tallboy & Moose / The Fang Red IPA

Burnley / Coffee Brown Nitro Ale

Young Henry’s / Motorcycle Oil Hoppy Porter

Deeds / Dark Deeds Lamington Brown Ale

Tallboy & Moose x Beerfarm / Snickerdoodle Apple Cinnamon Amber Ale

Dainton / Cherrywood Smoked Rye Baltic Porter

Molly Rose / Vegan Dessert Stout

Bright / Affogato Stout

Modus Operandi / Silent Knight Porter

Colonial / Robust Porter

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